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Black Soybean Anthocyanin


The black beans anthocyanins in addition to contain 10% or more, are also contained more than 75% proanthocyanidins contained in grape seed extract, and the like. Black bean anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins is a type of polyphenol, known as an anti-oxidant action is strong.

Effect of Kuromanin ®-10

Kuromanin ®-10, the visual function improvement, eyes beauty, hemagglutination inhibition effect, we know to have whitening effect, a variety of health power, such as an anti-oxidant action.

Effect 1. visual function improvement effect

Subjects 32 people were on target, after ingesting 4 weeks 360mg blended supplement Kuromanin ®-10, were subjected to diagnostic and interview by an ophthalmologist.Consequently, visual acuity, accommodation power, significant improvement was seen for the eye strain.

Focus adjustment function improvement

Figure 1 shows the variation of the focal distance in the graph by a load of 10 times continuously. Many variations to the previous intake measurements, shows a tendency to focus distance is farther than 0 points with each passing times (adjusted debilitating type), after ingestion is maintained in the vicinity of the zero point (normal type ). From this result, "improvement of the focus adjustment function" and "improving fatigue resistance" was suggested.

Figure 1  Distance variation


Vision improvement

Ingestion of Kuromanin ®-10 as shown in Figure 2, seen right, left, but also a significant improvement in any of the dominant eye.

Figure 2 changes of naked eye visual acuity