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Raw material | KUROMANIN

Raw material



<What is KUROMANIN®-10 >

  • Black Soybean Seed Coat Extract Powder
  • Patent as "Visual Function Improving Agent"
  • Anthocyanin ≧10%
  • KUROMANIN® is registered trademark of Sozai Kinou Laboratory Co., Ltd.
  • ARA Halal certificate

Salmon Ovary Peptide (HDLSOP)


<What is HDLSOP>

  • Country of Origin: Japan/Hokkaido
  • Buff Yellow to yellow brown powder

*Collagen Productivity

Banana Extract Powder (BANATIN®WP-14)


<What is BANATIN®WP-14>

  • Banana extract powder
    (Banana extract 38%, Dextrin 62%)
  • Country of Origin: Peru and Ecuador (Organic)

*Hair Growth

Horse / Placenta Extract / Ceramide


<What is Hose Placenta Extract>

  • Country of Origin: Argentina
  • Powder
  • Liquid (Total Nitrogen 0.3%)

*Cell Multiplication

<What is Horse Ceramide>

  • Country of Origin: Argentina
  • White Powder
  • Equus caballus Glycosphingolipid ≧1%


Soybean Isoflavone


<What is Soybean Isoflavone>

  • Aglycone ≧40%
  • Glycoside≧80%




<What is Nattokinase>

  • Extract from bacillus Natto culture mixture (Fermented Soybean Extract)
  • White to milky white powder
  • Country of Origin: Japan

*Blood Pressure

Grape Seed extract


<What is Grape Seed extract>

  • Grape Seed Extract Powder
  • Proanthocyanidin  ≧ 95%
  • OPC ≧65%
  • Country of Origin:France


Apple Polyphenol


<What is  Apple Polyphenol>

  • Powder
  • Polyphenol ≧ 70%
  • Phlorhizin ≧8%
  • Chlorogenice acid ≧15%

*Blood Sugar Level

Bilberry Extract


<What is  Bilberry Extract>

  • Powder
  • Anthocyanidin ≧25.5%
  • Anthocyanin ≧36%
  • Country of Origin: Northern Europe

*Eye Care

Korean Ginseng Extract


<What is  Korean Ginseng Extract>

  • Korean Ginseng Root Extract Powder
  • Ginsenosides ≧ 10%




<What is Agaricus>

  • Dark brown powder
  • 40 mesh

Red Beans (Azuki bean) Extract


<What is Azuki bean>

  • Country of Origin: Japan, Hokkaido
  • Powder (Red beans extract 15%, Dextrin 85%)
  • Liquid (frozen)

*Aldose Reductase-Inhibitory Activity

Okara (Soy pulp, Tofu dregs)

dried tofu

<what is Okara>

  • Okara is a soy bean pulp that occurs as a by-product during the production of soy milk and tofu.
  • Country of Origin: U.S.,Canada, Japan
  • 16,30,80 mesh

*Intestinal Health

Salmon Derived Chondroitin

salmon derived chondroitin

<What is Salmon Derived Chondroitin>

  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • white to light yellow Powder
  • Mucopolysaccharide (chondroitin sulfuric acid) ≧40%


Fermented Vegetable Extract Powder

femented veg
  • Light brown powder