Anthocyanin, a kind of Polyphenol, is a water-soluble pigment that gives a color of red, purple, or blue according to pH. It belongs to those molecules called Flavonoids. Anthocyanin is a glycoside of Anthocyanidin which includes a pendant sugar, and it occurs in all tissues of leaves, stems, leaves, stems, roots flowers and fruits of higher plants.


Anthocyanin is a glycoside of Anthocyanidin which has a structure as shown right.


  1. By promoting re-synthesis of Rhodopsin that sustains the function of optic nerves, Anthocyanin reduces the eye strain and keeps eyes healthy.
  2. Since Anthocyanin acts as a powerful antioxidant, it inhibits the generation of oxygen and cleanses blood.

Typical plants containing plenty of Anthocyanin

* Blueberry, *Cranberry, *Cassis,
* Prune, *Eggplant, * Strawberry,
* Black sesame, * Black soybean, etc.